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High Intensity Training is all about breaking down barriers and moving beyond them. Whether you’re trying to pass a plateau or you’re just getting your fitness started, 2-3 sessions a week with one of our trainers will get your body pushing itself to a higher level. And, since we only do one-on-one appointments, you don’t have to worry about a gym full of people. You will get 100% attention, and training that has been constructed specifically for you and your needs.


You can work out all day, every day, and still not see those gains or results that you’re looking for. Why? Because there’s so much more to fitness than just lifting weights or going for a jog. You need to be treating your body right in every aspect, including diet. Let Hilary and Mandy work with you to create the ideal nutrition plan to accomplish your goals, and you’ll find yourself healthier and happier than ever.

Learn more about our nutrition, and the 8 To Life Nutrition Program.